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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Note: is owned by HCM Publishing, the publisher of Thinking Like An Entrepreneur. So, if you enjoy the book reviews on this site, you'll probably love Thinking Like an Entrepreneur.

The Midwest Book Review says "Peter Hupalo's Thinking Like An Entrepreneur is a superb guide to making intelligent business decisions. Comprehensive, easy-to-read, even inspirational..." Midwest Book Review.

Ed Martin says, "I found Thinking Like an Entrepreneur to be a great read. Even if you are not interested in starting a business, the information contained in the book is highly informative and entertaining. If you work in business or want to understand the process of starting a business, I heartily recommend Thinking Like an Entrepreneur. Besides, any business book that quotes Yul Brenner, and does it well, gets my recommendation." Guide to Small Business Information
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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur:

How To Make Intelligent Business Decisions That Will Lead To Success In Building And Growing Your Own Company

by Peter Hupalo

Do you have the potential to be a rich (or, even modestly wealthy) businessperson? Is fear holding you back? Thinking Like An Entrepreneur by Peter Hupalo is a book of encouragement and faith, as well as a hard-nosed assessment of how to quantify your business risks mathematically.

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur by Peter Hupalo is a call to all the future Horatio Algers, who would like to escape the employee world and enter the world of business owner. Thinking Like An Entrepreneur is a business text (with some witticism thrown in to make it enjoyable reading) for the person who longs to start a business in the area he or she loves, but has drudged on in the daily employee routine, because fear, rather than logic, keeps him or her rooted to a dead-end job. Thinking Like An Entrepreneur could be the call to success for a person, who has a business idea, but was never brought up to see the option of entrepreneurship for himself or herself.

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur should be a useful asset to those who have studied or are studying business. Thinking Like An Entrepreneur should also appeal to small business owners. People with business dreams and the ability to carry out those dreams, but who fear taking the plunge, may benefit even more from this well-written, informational book. The book has something to offer any astute reader who wants solid knowledge about making intelligent business decisions which lead to success.

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur covers what is important to you in building a new company. It is useful to people without considerable business experience to help them learn important concepts like profit margins, cash flow, and bootstrapping.

The book does more than just introduce the concepts. The book shows why each concept is important and how it relates to the ability to grow a business.

Experienced business people will also find many of the topics of value. Chapter 16 goes into detail explaining how money compounds within a business for example. It discusses how customer payments can affect the compounding cycle of the business and asks you to think about how your business compounds money.

Related to compounding, the time value of money is discussed. It is shown that by making good use of the time value of money, you can increase your profit margins and bootstrap your business faster. The important relationship between intellectual capital (or controlling a proprietary product) is also shown to be related to a company's ability to bootstrap to success.

The Chapter on buying a business does a good job of showing the fundamentals of how intellectual capital is valued. The book ends with a short chapter on writing a business plan. Planning your business on paper before you actually begin it is one of the best things you can do to help assure success and to be sure you really are thinking like an entrepreneur.

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
How To Make Intelligent Business Decisions
That Will Lead To Success
In Building And Growing Your Own Company

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