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Marisa D'Vari's new book (link to amazon):
Building Buzz: How To Reach And Impress Your Target Audience.
Media Magic

Media Magic: Profit & Promote With Free Media Placement

Marisa D'Vari

If you're an entrepreneur wanting to sell products by getting free publicity as a guest on radio and TV shows, Marisa D'Vari's Media Magic: Profit & Promote With Free Media Placement will help you understand how to most effectively position yourself as a desirable interviewee.

D'Vari says the formula for success in getting booked on shows is establishing yourself as an expert with showmanship and using targeted media pitches. Presentation is crucial, D'Vari writes, and you must "Think Like A 'Headliner' Magician."

D'Vari created an acronym for MAGIC to help readers summarize her ideas: "M=Mesmerize your audience; A=Appeal to the hidden fears/desires of the audience; G=Give valuable information; I=Integrity is everything; C=Credibility leads to happy, loyal clients for life."

Before starting her own company and forming her own TV show, D'Vari worked in Hollywood, where she heard hundreds of scriptwriters pitch their story ideas. D'Vari writes: "A successful pitch could make a screenwriter a millionaire. If they didn't understand the elements of pitching well, they'd never sell their idea, no matter how brilliant. ... The pitch letter must reflect the inherent drama, comedy, passion, and immediacy of your subject."

D'Vari emphasizes the pitch letter must be targeted to the specific show and must demonstrate you've watched the show and are familiar with its format, audience demographics, and material requirements.

D'Vari writes: "It's important to match the tone of your pitch letter to the radio or TV show. ... If it's to Oprah, address the tone of the show (educated, somewhat sophisticated, female-oriented, literary). If it's to Jenny Jones, your tone should reflect high drama, conflict, emotion, and a bit of shock-value."

In addition to discussing pitch letters, D'Vari tells readers they need to create a great, professional media kit, which should include a list of possible interview questions to make the media host's job easier. D'Vari says, because of the high cost of traditional media kits, as much as $18 a piece, there's a trend toward using online media kits (You can see D'Vari's online media kit at

Carrying the magic analogy a bit far, D'Vari writes, "A media kit is to entrepreneurs and authors what a wax doll is to voodoo witch doctors." Voodoo might explain some of the guests on Jenny Jones (I can't think of any other explanation for how they got there).

D'Vari says many authors seeking media interviews misposition themselves as "authors." The last thing a TV or radio producer needs is another author hawking his or her book. Rather, D'Vari says authors should position themselves as experts who can provide the audience with valuable information.

D'Vari tells us, when a host says, "Tell us about your new book," the host is really asking the author to discuss the broader, universal issue covered in the book. Those authors who are too overtly self-promotional and just focus upon their books won't last long.

D'Vari writes: "The key to a successful and profitable on-air interview is preparing 'commercials' for your message that don't sound like commercials at all." D'Vari says too many self-promoters fail to create a truly enticing hook.

An author who has positioned himself effectively, D'Vari tells us, is Greg Godek, a.k.a., "Mr. Romance," who is "an expert in the field of romance." Godek is regularly featured by the media and has sold over 1.7 million copies of his book, 1001 Ways to be Romantic.

In addition to discussing how to get on TV and radio shows, Media Magic: Profit & Promote with Free Media Placement offers valuable advice about being an effective media guest. For example, D'Vari says to have a few main points and be ready to make each point interesting with facts, anecdotes, stories, and statistics. Media Magic includes a brief resources section listing books and websites of interest to authors, self-publishers, and professional speakers.

Media Magic: Profit & Promote With Free Media Placement
Media Magic: Profit & Promote With Free Media Placement

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