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Fear No More: A Psychotherapist's Guide for Overcoming Your Anxieties and Phobias

by Diane F. Hailparn

Fear No More by Diane Hailparn is an excellent book for helping people face their fears, anxieties, phobias, and shyness. We learn that many people who are highly sensitive are concerned with what other people think of them. They are constantly contemplating what others are thinking about them or how they are being evaluated by others. Ironically enough, it is often this overconcern with how we are being interpreted by others that causes us to feel awkward and give a disfavorable impression.

As with all things, we can let this concern with how others evaluate us become unreasonably restrictive. Whether you fear how you will be evaluated by business associates, you have a phobia of driving across bridges, or you have some other fear you would like to conquer, Fear No More will help you.

We learn that fear is a conditioned response. It has physical manifestations, called the "fear response," which take over. Sweating, trembling, and having ones heart pound rapidly are among the fear response reactions. Yet, the fear response is a state of heightened reaction. We cannot maintain such a heightened physical state for long periods of time. This is the basis for overcoming the fear response. YOU DO WHAT YOU FEAR and in time it will lose its power over you. If, however, you avoid what you fear, you will only strengthen the fear within.

In addition to explaining the fear response, Diane Hailparn does an outstanding job of treating the reader with respect and sensitivity. You will enjoy reading this book if you are trying to overcome a fear of public speaking, other phobia, or shyness.


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