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The Craft of Investing

by John Train

The Craft of Investing is a short and fun to read book that teaches you a bit about conservative investment. It doesn't go into analytic detail but emphasizes the broader concepts. The first half of the book is the best and deals mainly with stock investment. You can neglect most of the later chapters if you want and still benefit greatly.

You will learn how not to sit on a bad investment, or as John Train says, not "become a boiled frog." It is claimed that if a frog is put in a cup of warm water, it will just sit there, even as the water is slowly heated. If the poor old frog had been tossed into a pan of boiling water he would have realized the situation was not good and immediately jump out. But, as the water is slowly heated, the frog decides he can tolerate the slight change in temperature. Never making his mind up to get out, the frog boils. Many investors do the same with bad investments. As the company gets progressively worse, they hold on hoping the situation will improve.

Much of successful investment demands little more than learning what not to do and John Train will show you what not to do.

The Craft of Investing by John Train
The Craft of Investing

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